Apprenticeship is about learning and acquiring skills for a certain period of time. As we go to the next level of gaining skills, it means we are also ready to dedicate our time and full commitment to achieve our goal. It is not about the knowledge and willingness, but most it must be in our hearts. As the trainee undergo the process of training, there are so many hardships and challenges that waits along the way. As we submit ourselves in training we also submit ourselves to  a particular person that have the authority over us. A good trainee is not just being a good follower, but a good steward also. Given a time that we are already prepared and well equipped it does not the end. That was just a stepping stone, let us keep on helping other people, if we really want to be more progressive. As we assist other people asking, “Hello Ma’am/Sir How may I help you?”  do it with all our heart, and avoid thinking that “that was just a job”. We are there to guide them and to meet their needs with excellence. Always remember that in every client, we represent and build them the image of the our respective company. Be always courteous, let us set aside our personal issue when we are in our workplace. Be professional, being an Apprentice will sharpen us in every turn and in every aspects of our lives as an individual.


Mentorship is about helping other people to decide and deal with the real world. We have our own perspective in this life, some people find it easy, but for some it’s not. A wise mentor can lead other people to reach the level of maturity. This can be a quite challenging in the part of the mentor, but this is also an opportunity to lift them up. During the high peak of happiness, avoid making any promises, the same when we are mad, do not make any decisions. There could be a possibility that our choices can make or break us. We need to be very careful for giving them our feedback as their mentor. Not all the times we are strong, but for the sake of the other people who needs us, we just simply cast out our weaknesses. If they want to give up, always encourage them and made them realize how blessed they are. Keep on pressing them to decide not base on their emotions because it simply comes and go. If they need a piece of advice, it takes time for us to think, and think again if we can help them using the words of wisdom. Through our thinking about thinking skills we can figure out the possible output of our advice. We rise not because of our own might, we rise when we choose to lift up other people. A mentor is selfless because when he or she gives some guidelines he or she wants the best for that particular person.