Experienced hospital nurse. Seeking a position where my extensive professional skills, knowledge and practical experience can be enhanced and fully utilized.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Board Passer, Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination (December 2007)
  • College Graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Silliman University
  • Licensed Professional Rescuer (CPR/BLS with Advanced Airway Management and AED use) under ILCOR/ American Heart Association
  • Licensed IV therapist (ANSAP)
  • English Tutor (foreign Students), Silliman University, Dumaguete City
  • Computer Literate (MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)


Silliman University

January 2004 - March 2007 Bachelor of Science



Quezon City General Hospital

January 2008 - February 2019 Staff Nurse

Assisting in surgical operations, provides assistance in several functional areas including: Bedside Care, Skin Testing, Catheterization, Oxygen Therapy, Tube Feedings. Medication Administration (oral and Parenteral), Intravenous Therapy and Fluid Monitoring, ECG tracing, Basic Life Support, Physical Assessment, Health History Taking, Documentations, Referrals, Admission and Discharge of Patients, Health Teachings, Transcribing and Carrying Physician’s Orders, Therapeutic Communication, Wound Care and Vital Signs Taking.