12 Steps to Help You Bounce Back From a Layoff


Every year, millions of Americans experience layoffs, whether because of company downsizing, cost-cutting, management changes, or some other factor.

Layoffs may be relatively common, but they’re never fun and rarely expected. As is the case with any negative situation, however, your experience with a layoff largely depends on how you react. You may not have deserved the layoff, but you definitely deserve a second chance at a successful career.

If you’ve just been laid off, don’t view it as a setback (easier said than done, I know). Instead, view this as an opportunity for a fresh start. Don’t be afraid to take a break for some self-care. For some people, this may mean a relaxing vacation. For others, it might mean stepping their workout schedule up. However you choose to bounce back, just make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Once you’re ready to get back in the workforce, you’ll find there are resources everywhere. For example, check out this infographic from Turbo featuring 12 great tips on what to do after a layoff:


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