Where To Learn Digital Marketing Online

where to learn digital marketing online

If you’re looking for where to learn digital marketing online, you’re in the right place.

I’m going to walk you through the #1 method I recommend using to learn digital marketing to land a high-paying job in this field.

And I’m speaking from direct experience because I’m a digital marketer myself…

A Few Years Ago, I Quit My Job As A Recruiter And Learned Digital Marketing


I wanted more freedom and the ability to work for myself.

My plan was to grow this blog – CareerSidekick enough to support me full-time, but that takes time!

So I learned digital marketing and worked as a freelance marketing consultant for over a year.

And it changed my life.

It allowed me to earn $50-100 per hour (depending on the project).

And it gave me the freedom to live where I wanted, travel, etc. (I was working 100% remotely. Employers didn’t care because there just aren’t enough qualified digital marketers to satisfy their demand.)

Now… I know not everyone wants to be a freelancer or wants to travel around. And that’s fine…

You may just want to find a higher-paying job with better job security. And digital marketing is a great choice for that, too.

So now let’s look at where to learn digital marketing online in a way that will also prepare you to find a job in this field.

Where To Learn Digital Marketing Online

You don’t need a marketing degree (or any degree) to learn digital marketing online and get a digital marketing job.

It’s all about building the specific skills employers need in this field… and those skills aren’t taught in universities usually.

>> So first, we need to learn the skills.

>> Then we need to demonstrate to employers that you know these skills so you can get high-paying job offers for digital marketing positions.

Fortunately, There’s An Online Training That Covers Everything In One Place

Here it is:

This is the best digital marketing training I’ve come across online.

^^ Not only does it teach you the digital marketing skills you’ll need, but it teaches you EXACTLY how to use them to actually land a job!

That’s why this is the one course I recommend.

There are plenty of courses that teach digital marketing, but very few teach you how to get jobs and really start making money with this!

They don’t teach you how to write your resume.

They don’t tell you which specific marketing skills to learn (and which to avoid) to make yourself more attractive to employers.

So that’s why I recommend this course above all others.

I’ve also spoken with the course creator, Seth, and he’s a brilliant guy. 

I was impressed by not just his knowledge of digital marketing, but exactly how to market yourself to employers to get high paying jobs with these skills!

As a former Recruiter, I can tell you it’s rare to see someone outside the recruitment/HR industry with such a good understanding of resume writing and what employers really want to see during the hiring process.

He gets it! (and teaches it all in his course).

There’s a free introductory course at that link above, and then if you continue through it you can pay a monthly fee to access the premium content (which I 100% recommend).

But you can get started without paying anything, which is a great way to see if this is right for you.

Sign up for free to get started!

Other Ways To Learn Digital Marketing

There are certainly other methods you could use to learn digital marketing, so let’s talk about other options now.

There are a few options (that I feel aren’t as good, but might still work):

1. You could do what I did – go to meetups, network like crazy, and hope to meet an experienced digital marketer or two who’s willing to teach you.

I got lucky and met a brilliant marketer from Canada while traveling in Asia, who helped me learn digital marketing… but the odds of that happening were pretty slim.

And it required a lot of travel, time and money just to visit a few cities where digital marketers tend to meet up… with no guarantee of me getting anything in return.

2. You could also try to learn on YouTube and by searching Google.

Here’s my problem with starting out like this…

There’s some good information out there, but it’s difficult to pick out the good information from the bad.

I like Google as a method to search for specific things once you’ve built a basic skill set. (For example, you might take an introductory online course on marketing, and then google something like, “Good examples of Facebook ads”.)

…But I don’t think Google is the best way to learn the fundamentals or build a foundation in digital marketing.

There’s too much bad info mixed in with the good.

You need someone to guide you… Someone who has a proven process and knows what they’re doing.

That’s why I recommended Seth’s course, which I talked about a lot already.

It’s the best place to learn digital marketing online if you’re serious about building a solid foundation and finding a high-paying job with these skills after you’re done.

Now that I’ve shown you the place I recommend learning this skill set, and how to get started for free (just click that link above or go HERE)… let’s talk about how much you can make as a digital marketer.

Digital Marketing Is One Of The Best-Paid Jobs Without A College Degree

Your exact pay will depend on a lot of factors… like whether you’re freelancing on sites like Upwork like I did, or working for one single employer in a full-time role.

But as an example…

I was able to earn $50+ per hour, and sometimes over $100 per hour as a freelance digital marketer.

I also met a lot of other digital marketers during my journey and saw what they were earning… and some were making more than I was.

(I had only been doing it for a year so they were able to bring in a higher salary because they had more experience).

Of course, my personal earnings are not a guarantee of what you’ll make.

You could make less, the same, or more. The examples above are simply to illustrate what’s possible if you commit to learning this skill set.

I’ve heard enough stories like mine and met enough well-paid digital marketers to know that digital marketing is one of the highest paying jobs with no college degree required.

Why Do Employers Pay So Much For Digital Marketing Skills?

Quite simply, employers pay so much for digital marketing because it’s a new field that they don’t currently have enough talent or knowledge in.

…And because it has the potential to make them tons of money.

That’s the best way to get paid a lot – to have a skill set that makes your employer even more than they pay you.

This way, you’re seen as a source of profit/revenue… not as a cost!

Think of it like this… if you’re making a company a million dollars a year, then of course they’ll be willing to pay you $60K-100K.

Digital marketing is a skill set that employers know they need, because it can make them a lot of money.

So they’re willing to pay you well for it.

Because of this, I really believe digital marketing is one of the top careers you can get into right now.

What To Do Next: Steps To Start Learning Digital Marketing

If you’re interested in learning digital marketing AND learning how to get high-paying jobs with your new skill set, then this is the one training I recommend.

That link will take you to a free introductory course where you can start learning immediately.

Then there’s a premium course at the end of this, which I absolutely recommend. But you can get started with the free course just by entering your email address at the signup page here:

Get started now!