10 Personal Brand Statement Examples to Inspire You

Best Personal Branding Statements - 12 examples to create your own

Today’s job market and business markets are more competitive than ever. In order to succeed, you’ll need to set yourself apart with a good personal branding strategy.

And one of the first things you need to do when creating your personal brand is establish a powerful personal branding statement. This short statement will be the foundation of all of your branding efforts moving forward, so it’s important to get it right.

In this article, we’ll look at tips for creating a unique personal branding statement, and 10 of the best personal brand statement examples to inspire you. 

Let’s get started…

What is a Personal Brand Statement?

A personal brand statement is a one or two-sentence phrase that accurately sums up what you do and what you stand for. It’s essentially your unique selling proposition, the thing you do better than any of your competitors. Think of it as your slogan. The best personal branding statements are catchy, memorable, and attention-grabbing.

It’s worth creating a personal branding statement whether you’re a job seeker, freelancer, or entrepreneur. Anyone looking to network and stand out can benefit from having a great personal brand statement. 

Coming up with the perfect statement is tricky, though…

It needs to be short while also conveying the value you provide to employers, clients, or customers. It should also have a certain level of intrigue that makes people want to learn more about you.

Your personal brand statement is the first thing people will associate with you, so take your time and come up with something you’re completely happy with.

So just what should a personal brand statement look like? It really depends on you and your personality, but below are some sample personal brand statements to consider.

Let’s say you’re a digital marketer. Your personal branding statement could be:

I develop powerful digital marketing strategies that help businesses find new customers.

Or if you’re a real estate agent you could say something like:

I can help you find your dream home for the price you want.

An effective personal brand statement is short and to the point, so choose your words carefully. Utilize words that evoke emotion and hone in on the one benefit you provide that people will be most interested in.

Don’t worry if you’re still not sure how to go about creating your personal branding statement. In the next section, we’re going to look at the best personal branding statement examples from around the web. 

Creating a Personal Branding Statement: 10 Best Examples

It can be difficult to imagine what the ideal statement should look like on your own, so we’ve assembled some best personal brand statement examples from multiple categories. These personal branding statements have absolutely nailed it and are compelling, engaging, and extremely effective. 

Use the personal branding statement examples below for inspiration when coming up with your own.

1. “I help thought leaders write great books in just 90 days. 300 satisfied clients so far.”

– Mindy Gibbins-Klein

This personal brand statement follows a classic formula: “I help ___ do ___”.

The first blank is your ideal type of customer or employer.

Then, the second blank is the result you help them achieve. This can be their desired result/outcome of working with you, the main problem they need solved, etc. 

We consider this basic “I help ___ do ___” formula as the go-to option for most job seekers, freelancers, consultants and coaches. 

This person then added a unique touch to their personal brand statement by including some social proof, where they said, “300 satisfied clients so far.”

Mentioning that you’ve helped many clients/companies succeed in the past is a great way of showing you’ll be able to help the next customer, too.

This next personal branding statement example uses the same general formula, so don’t worry if you don’t quite “get it” yet. 

Here it is:

2. “I help manufacturing organizations improve their processes to reduce waste and grow profits.”

– Kent Blumberg

While this might appear a bit different than the first personal branding statement example we looked at, it’s also based on the, “I help ___ do ___” format.

(You could re-organize this to follow that formula word-for-word and say: “I help manufacturing organizations energize, focus and align their operations….”)

This personal branding statement does a great job of being specific in terms of the target customer, and result they’ll get by working with this person. 

If you’re going to use this layout/formula for creating your own personal branding statement, you want to be narrow and focused, just like this example is. 

So what type of employer or client can you help most? Large corporations? Growth-stage companies? E-commerce companies? That’s the type of phrase you want to use. In the example above, the target client is “manufacturing organizations.”

Then, the outcome/result of working with this person is also crystal-clear in this example: faster processing, less waste, and more profits.

Now let’s move on to some personal brand statement examples that get a bit more creative…

3. “Let’s build job free income.”

– Nick Loper

Wouldn’t you like to have an income without having a job? Of course you would. That’s why Nick Loper’s personal branding statement is so effective.

Nick’s blog Side Hustle Nation discusses all the different ways entrepreneurs can build their own business and eventually escape the corporate grind. By using a term like “job-free income” he really zeroes in on exactly what his audience is looking to achieve, allowing him to immediately get their attention.

We love using the word “Let’s” because it shows that you’ll be partnering and working toward a common goal. At the time of writing this article, our own headline on our homepage uses this idea and says, “Let’s find your dream job”.

4. “Do you want more traffic?”

– Neil Patel

Ok, so this is more of a question than a statement. But every business and website wants more traffic, and Neil Patel has the knowledge and know-how to make it happen.

Neil is one of the world’s leading online marketers who is world-renowned for his SEO and traffic creation prowess. His personal branding statement is extremely simple, but it works because he has the reputation to back up his claim that he can, in fact, get you more traffic. Using a question is also a way to spark intrigue and curiosity.

There are no rules you must follow when creating a personal branding statement. It’s okay to think outside the box and ask a question or do something differently than the competition. 

5. “Move well, eat well, think well.”

– Adam Cobb

This personal brand statement is another example of how you don’t always have to be overly sophisticated or clever. Sometimes simple is best.

Adam Cobb is a fitness and nutrition coach who aims to help improve lives through exercise, healthy eating, and spiritual awareness. So, his personal branding statement perfectly sums up exactly what he’s all about and how he can help you. If you can concisely describe exactly what you can do for people you’re sure to come up with a powerful personal branding statement.

Note that you could also adapt this to fit the go-to formula we looked at earlier: I help ___ do ___.

Here’s how it’d look: “I help people move well, eat well, and think well.”

Or you could even make it better-targeted and more narrow (as mentioned, it’s good to be specific/precise about who you can help). Here’s an example of how this personal brand statement could be narrowed further: “I help busy professionals move well, eat well, and think well.”

6. “Helping you build a big brand with your small business.”

– Kate Toon

Do you have a niche are a particular clientele that you service? Consider working that into your personal branding statement, like Kate Toon has done here.

Kate is a copywriter who specializes in helping small businesses reach a wider audience. She could have focused on her expert copywriting skills or her knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization). Instead, she speaks right to her target audience and tells them exactly how she can help them. Remember, it’s not always about what you can do, but also who you can do it for.

7. “Achieve social media mastery.”

– Mari Smith

Do you want to be great at something? Or do you want to be a master? Sometimes, it’s all about finding the right words in order to really make an impact.

Mari Smith rose to prominence as one of the leading authorities on social media marketing. She now provides expert training and consulting services to some of the world’s leading businesses. Mari could have promised to help people become a social media “expert,” “professional,” or “whiz.” But by saying she’ll help you achieve mastery of the subject she really sets herself apart from her peers.

8. “Create less content. (It’ll be fine! I promise!)”

– Brittany Berger

Sometimes by subverting expectations, you can really grab people’s attention. This personal brand statement is an excellent example of that.

Brittany Berger is a leading content marketer that uses a slightly different angle to get clients. She promotes actually creating less content, and instead focuses more on effectively using content to gain traffic. Wouldn’t you love to get better results with less effort? That’s exactly what Brittany promises. Adding “It’ll be fine! I promise!” also infuses a bit of personality into her statement, which helps improve its effectiveness.

9. “It’s time to unleash your epicness.”

– Felicia Hatcher

These days people want everything to be epic. So why can’t you be epic too?

Felicia Hatcher’s motivation speeches are legendary. As a former “C” student who secured $130,000 in free money for college, she helps show people how anyone can find success.

Her personal brand statement is another great example of how choosing your words carefully can make a huge difference in its effectiveness. “Epicness” may not be a real word, but it tells you right away that Felicia is going to teach you things that no one else will, and probably have high-energy and enthusiasm for what she does. 

10. “Be a unicorn in a sea of donkeys.”

– Larry Kim

If you’re ever unsure about what approach you should take with your statement, go for something completely unique and different to set yourself apart.

Larry Kim is a search marketing expert, and the founder of Wordstream and Mobile Monkey. His personal brand statement, “Be a unicorn in a sea of donkeys,” is completely different than anything used by his peers, and yet it perfectly conveys his message. Don’t follow the masses. Be different. Be special. This personal brand statement example is wildly creative and yet perfectly understandable.

Now It’s Your Turn

You’ve seen 10 of the best personal brand statement examples from real people and businesses. Now it’s your turn to create one for yourself. Consider your personality, what’s important to you, and the value you can offer and come up with something that’s uniquely you.